By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff has been running his secret squirrel impeachment inquiry the way the Soviets used to run their investigations: In the dark, behind closed doors, releasing only propaganda to state-run media outlets to carefully craft a pre-determined narrative.

And while American mainstream media outlets aren’t ‘state-run,’ they may as well be, since they serve as the propaganda division of the Garbage Party.

That’s why far too many Americans have a very skewed view of this impeachment business regarding President Trump. They’re not being told everything that’s going on behind Schiff’s closed doors…in the basement of the Capitol Building…hand-selecting carefully crafted ‘evidence’ to release so as to ensure the ‘proper’ characterization of his ‘witnesses.’

Apparently, one Republican lawmaker who has been privy to the hearings has had enough of the Soviet-cum-Chinese Communist-style proceedings and state-selected information releases.

So on Thursday, he tweeted out a portion of testimony from that pillar of honesty and integrity, William Taylor, that is the very definition of “hearsay evidence” and would never survive a nanosecond in a real court of law.

Or an impeachment trial, which is just like…a real court of law.

A real American state-run media outlet, NPR, reported:

William Taylor, the top U.S. diplomat to Ukraine, told congressional investigators that President Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who was orchestrating an international pressure campaign on Ukraine, was acting in the president’s interests and trying to cast former Vice President Joe Biden “in a bad light,” according to a transcript of Taylor’s testimony released Wednesday.

“I think the origin of the idea to get President [Volodymyr] Zelenskiy to say out loud he’s going to investigate Burisma and 2016 election, I think the originator, the person who came up with that was Mr. Giuliani,” Taylor said, referencing Burisma, the Ukrainian energy company that Biden’s son Hunter sat on the board of.


“This “evidence” would be thrown out of court so quickly for all of the right reasons. Here Taylor concedes to me that his ONLY substantive claim from his opening statement referencing Biden not only isn’t first hand…it’s not even second hand,” Zeldin said in a tweet containing a portion of Taylor’s testimony that completely blows his credibility sky high.

Taylor might as well have said, ‘Yeah, I heard this from a guy who heard it from a guy who was told so by a guy…’


The last real chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and the current ranking member, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), was equally incredulous.

No wonder Schiff & Garbage Party Co. didn’t want to air these initial appearances by ‘witnesses’ in public.

Because they’re not really witnesses to anything, especially alleged misconduct by President Trump.

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