(TNS) No one of any import has ever accused Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) of being smart, let alone having any grasp of how the Executive Branch operates.

Which is good because, remember, he was actually running for president for about 25 minutes earlier this year.

During an interview with The Hill, this moron actually said that American diplomats do not serve at the pleasure of the president — that the head of the Executive Branch cannot simply remove a foreign service officer for ‘political’ reasons.

To do so is an “abuse of power.”

As you can, Swalwell went onto make similar and equally incorrect claims about how diplomacy should and should not work. If it is anything, diplomacy is one huge quid pro quo: If we’re giving, say, the Ukrainians hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of lethal weaponry to fight Russian-back separatists, you better believe our government has the right to make certain demands.

Even if that means digging up dirt on a political opponent.

But of course, President Trump didn’t do any of this. He never threatened to withhold military aid from the Ukrainians in exchange for “dirt” on Joe Biden. The transcript of the president’s call to the Ukrainian leader that is in question proves that.

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Beyond that, Swalwell’s inanity is a teachable moment. For the record: American diplomats serve at the pleasure of the president.

Trump can wake up on any given morning and fire the lot of them if he so chooses. They serve the current administration, who is the titular head of our country. To even suggest otherwise is the height of stupidity.

But when your job is to be an anti-Trump hack 24/7 rather than a representative of the people who elected you, this is what we get. Such is his level of unhinged Trump hate.

We’d say that Swalwell district voters in California can and should do better than this fool…but they won’t.

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