(TNS) Proving once more that the Garbage Party is the real party of hypocrisy, bigotry, and racism, Democrat voters just the party full control over George Washington’s home state.

In Tuesday elections, Democrats swept elections to gain control over both chambers of the state Legislature, meaning the party now controls all levers of power in Virginia.

Because the governorship is held by Ralph “Coonman” Northam, also a Democrat.

You remember him? He’s the racist bigot who, in med school, donned blackface and posed with someone in a KKK outfit for the college yearbook.

The Democrat governor who apologized for this just nine months ago, and who avoided calls from members of his own party to do the right thing and resign.

We now know why he didn’t: He must have been privy to polling indicating there would be enough idiot hypocrite voters in his state to help him and his party take over all power.

On Wednesday, still reveling in the completed ‘bluing’ of Old Dominion, “Coonman” — the nickname given him by his racist pals in college — took to the TV to actually claim that Donald Trump is the country’s “biggest embarrassment.”

Wow. What…”hudspa.”

This is as shameless as it is shameful. But do you know who is really to blame?

Democrat voters in Virginia. They now support a party that tolerates an obvious bigot and racist, while projecting that onto President Trump.

Talk about delusional.

Good-bye, Virginia. We hardly knew ye.

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