(TNS) Back in the day when he was Lindsey Grahamnesty and palling around with John McCain, the senior GOP senator from South Carolina was much easier to read.

He was a RINO, pure and simple, and a creature of the swamp. He did just enough and said just enough to keep his Republican membership card and that was about it.

But in the age of President Trump, and with the passing of McCain, Graham has become a tougher read.

Most days he’s solidly in the president’s corner, or seems to be. Other days, it seems like he’s trying to play both sides of the fence like he’s done in the past.

But two things that always seem to stand out to us is that a) Graham is a defense hawk, and loves the president’s desire to rebuild and strengthen the U.S. military; and b) Graham loves him some constitutionalist judges, so he loves Trump’s judicial nominees.

In fact, he has said that the defining moment that turned him extremely pro-Trump was the president’s refusal to abandon Justice Brett Kavanaugh when he was being viciously maligned and smeared by the Garbage Party.

Other Republican presidents would have caved and pulled the plug. But Trump didn’t, and we all recall that passionate defense of Kavanaugh by Graham during his confirmation hearing.

Now comes this…impeachment business.

Sometimes Graham makes comments like, ‘Well, we’ll just have to see what the evidence shows’ when he knows…he knows…that this impeachment quest by the Democrats and the deep state is completely bogus.

Trump hasn’t committed any impeachable offenses. He hasn’t done what he’s been accused of doing: ‘Russian collusion,’ ‘Ukraine quid pro quo,’ ‘abuse of office,’ ‘obstruction of justice.’

So it was pro-Trump Lindsey Graham on Wednesday, thankfully, in pushing back against the Left-wing Washington media jackals who have served as the Garbage Party’s propaganda wing on this and every other ‘get Trump’ coup effort since the man beat the Criminal Hillary fair and square.

In a back-and-forth with the press, Graham correctly informed them that the impeachment “process” being run by Adam Schiff in the House “is a joke.”

He told the media they “hate” Trump, and they are merely picking “things you like” when it comes to skewing coverage to make it look like the president is actually guilty of something when it clearly isn’t.

“I’m not buying into Schiff running a legitimate operation over there,” Graham added. “This is a political vendetta.”

Indeed it is. So for today, at least, Sen. Graham, thank you for defending this president. He isn’t guilty of anything, but he needs your support.

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