By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) Anytime President Trump shows up to endorse a GOP candidate for office and that candidate loses, the Marxists in the media and the Garbage Party react by proclaiming he’s not popular, doesn’t really have a following, and is losing ground politically.

This, despite all of the facts on the ground that prove otherwise.

It’s true, it looks like incumbent GOP Gov. Matt Bevin will lose his reelection bid to a Democrat, but so much more is going on that proves his loss — and other Republican victories in the state — are actually a sign of the president’s strength, not his weakness.

First off, Matt Bevin was practically the least popular governor in the country. Just a few months ago, he had an approval rating of 30 percent. Just a few weeks ago, he was down to his opponent by 17 points.

Then President Trump flew into Lexington on Monday and gave an incredible stump speech — on behalf of Bevin, but also on behalf of the other Republicans running for statewide office.

The results speak for themselves and were nothing short of historic.

For one, Bevin didn’t lose by 17 points. In fact, it looks like he’s only going to lose by a half-a-point, meaning Trump’s visit lifted the least-popular governor to +/-50 percent of the vote.

Oh, and about history being made — while the Left-wing garbage media is writing the president’s political obit, Kentuckians just elected a Republican for attorney general for the first time in years. And he just happens to be the first black man to hold the post. And he won by a lot.

Readers will recall just recently that a Left-wing newspaper in Kentucky published an incredibly racist political cartoon about Cameron and President Trump.

With that kind of Left-wing hate, who needs enemies, right? How ’bout that “tolerance,” huh?

Down ballot, it was a Republican sweep.

Naturally, the Marxist Left is focusing on the only bit of ‘good news’ to come out of Kentucky’s elections yesterday, while missing a whole forest of trees.

Once again, the Marxists are too quick with President Trump’s political obituary.

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