(TNS) After News Corps CEO Rupert Murdoch turned over the daily operation of Fox News to his liberal-leaning sons, conservatives worried that the top-rated cable news channel would become a more palatable version of every other Left-wing network in D.C.

We were wrong. Fox News is becoming another version of every other Left-wing network in D.C., but not at all palatable.

Call it the “Paul Ryan RINO Effect.”

As the network did last month, Fox News oversampled Democrats in a new survey asking ‘voters’ how they felt about impeaching President Trump.

The “right-wing” network’s poll showed that 49 percent favor impeachment.

Danger sign for POTUS?


The poll oversampled Democrats (49 percent Dems, 41 percent Republicans, and 11 percent “Independents” — the latter a trick used by pollsters to hide additional liberal voters).

Fox News did this last month, too, as we reported.

Then, a FNC poll showed “51 percent” of “likely voters” supported impeaching the president.

This comes on top of a Fox News poll that actually shows Trump losing to a guy who doesn’t even know where he is half the time, Joe Biden.

Oh, and every other top Democrat.

We told you this was going to happen. For the next 11.5 months, we’re going to get these garbage polls because the Left doesn’t learn lessons. It’s the same playbook as before; try to discourage Trump voters from turning out next year with poll after poll showing him “losing” and “hopelessly behind.”

Don’t buy it. As you can see, even a supposed ‘fair’ news network lies about this president.

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