(TNS) If you had any doubt what the Garbage Party’s 2020 campaign issue was going to be, they let us know last week: Impeaching President Trump.

We’re going to get that now 24/7/365 because that’s all Democrats have.

They can’t beat Trump on the issues:

— The economy

— Border security/illegal immigration (which is what propelled Trump to victory in 2016)

— Military readiness

— Anti-terrorism

— Trade deals

— Health care

— Taxes

— Did we mention the economy?

It doesn’t matter which of the remain derelicts running for the 2020 nomination the party selects, they have a snowball’s chance in Hades besting this president on the issues.

So House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her deep state allies have only one remaining choice: Force Trump out of office.

And even if Democrats can’t do that, well, they’ll pretend they can…which brings us full-circle back to the “24/7 Impeachment Show.”

Pelosi’s got a monumental task, however: Using impeachment to shore up support for her Garbage Party.

And how? By making Adam Schiff’s secret squirrel hearings public, according to the Washington Times:

In an attempt to move the needle of public opinion, Democrats are set to begin open hearings that will broadcast what they have been billing as damning testimony. As a political strategy, there is no guarantee it will work. Other attempts to use congressional hearings to ding the president, including hotly anticipated appearances by special counsel Robert Mueller and former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, fell flat.

How’s this going to work? Schiff and Pelosi schemed to keep the inquiry behind closed doors up to this point because that afforded them the opportunity to allow Schiff, who’s handling this witch hunt now, to selectively leak info to the waiting press propagandists.

Open hearings will negate that ‘advantage.’ It will also prove what the Republicans have been complaining about: That the inquiry thus far has been a one-sided affair.

Time will tell. Bill Clinton, the Impeached One, only got more popular afterward. Trump isn’t Bill Clinton and we are living in different times, but if Democrats are serious about removing this president, our bet is that Trump’s support will only grow.

Just remember that Pelosi needs something to energize her party’s sycophant base…some ‘campaign issue.’ Impeachment is that issue, whether she’s successful or not.

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