(TNS) For months we’ve noticed that the Washington Examiner, which began as a conservative alternative to the Left-wing fake news factories that populate the Washington Press Corps, has taken a decidedly anti-Trump turn.

The news site’s op-ed section remains right-leaning, but it’s news division is looking and sounding a lot more like the Washington Post that the old Washington Examiner.

Take a story published on Saturday: “‘Get the emails’: Mueller interview notes reveal Trump campaign hunt to damage Clinton.”

Now, if you just read that headline without knowing which news organization published it, you’d get the impression that it came from CNN, WaPo, the New York Times, or some other Left-wing source.

You would never expect that it came from a [nominally] conservative source, in part because it’s just…stupid.

The report notes:

Newly released interview notes from special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation show President Trump’s campaign tried to obtain and leverage information damaging to his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

The chaotic effort can be traced to Trump himself, who tasked subordinates with tracking down two sets of emails, according to a 274-page batch of mostly redacted investigative interview notes released by the Justice Department via a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit brought by Buzzfeed.

Trump gave the command to “get the emails,” referring to 33,000 emails that Clinton deleted or otherwise did not provide investigators looking into her private server from her time as secretary of state and the thousands of emails stolen from Democrats that later ended up on WikiLeaks, while on his campaign plane, his deputy campaign manager Rick Gates told Mueller’s team.

Gates, a former business partner of Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, who pleaded guilty to conspiracy and making false statements, told investigators that then-Trump campaign foreign policy adviser Mike Flynn “said he could use his intelligence resources to obtain the emails” and noted that “Flynn was adamant that the Russians did not carry out the hack.”

Let’s dissect this.

First, why wouldn’t the 2016 Trump campaign seek any and all political dirt — more formally known as “opposition research” — on Hillary? Because we know that she was seeking dirt on Trump, and using methods (foreign powers) that weren’t legal before she employed them.

Secondly, wouldn’t it have been nice of James Comey’s FBI were as interested in finding Hillary’s “lost” emails?

Third, we don’t know whether Russia ‘hacked’ Clinton’s emails or not. We don’t know if Russia ‘hacked’ the DNC’s email server. We only have the word of Clinton and the DNC, and they’re all liars. The FBI was never permitted to examine the DNC’s servers.

Fourth, we get the impression that the Washington Examiner thinks we should discount Gates because he was pinched by Mueller’s very biased team of Democrat donors; that’s a tactic the Left-wing establishment media uses all. the. time. to discredit conservatives.

What’s even more pathetic is that Washington Examiner’s editors thought this story was some sort of ‘scoop.’ Talk about tone-deaf; if the Trump campaign didn’t try to get some political dirt on Clinton they would’ve been laughed off the national stage because (anyone?) that’s what rival campaigns do.

Frankly, since no one in Obama’s corrupt administration was interested in finding Hillary’s emails, we’d have loved it if the Trumpster could have come up with them.

We’re just not sure why that would have been so ‘controversial’ to the Washington Examiner.

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