(TNS) We understand that the Garbage Party and their sycophantic media allies in the establishment press are all about victimhood and promoting rule-breaking when it suits them.

But ABC News takes the cake with a Saturday puff-and-whine piece about disgraced Democratic Rep. Katie Hill of California, who resigned from Congress last week following a sex scandal.

The ‘LGBTQ champion’ and noted bisexual was busted because she broke a number of House ethics rules including having sex with a staffer, abusing her position of power to procure sexual activities for her now-estranged husband, abused her staff sexually and emotionally, and making graphic sexual jokes about staff.

That’s just the kind of stuff the hypocrites on the Left were complaining about when they started wearing those ridiculous pu**y hats and started the #MeToo movement.

Like indy journalist Mike Cernovich notes, it wasn’t the kinky, freaky, outta her mind sexual proclivities of Katie Hill that landed her in hot water. It was the rules she broke in the process. And anyone reporting anything any differently is full of it.

Hill was immediately defended by Left-wing media pundits and, of course, members of the Garbage Party.

ABC News took it a step further, however, ignoring the rule-breaking and focusing squarely on how ‘unfair’ the whole thing is for the “LGTBQ community.”

And now, after the awful way Hill was treated, how will young LGBTQ folks ever find the strength and courage to run for office?

“Attacks?” Recall how Hill was outed: By a method that is completely foreign to ABC News and the rest of the crap establishment media in DC…good ol’ fashioned investigative reporting, compliments of Red State.

Oh, but because Red State has a conservative editorial slant, well, Hill was “victimized” by “right-wing media.”

As far as certain behaviors go, we personally believe that violation of House ethics rules like those that ensnared Hill should not become “normalized.”

In fact, regardless of a congressional member’s sexual preferences, if a young person running for office has no intention of following the rules, they don’t belong in Congress to begin with. Because that’s the problem we have now: Too many careerists who have become so entrenched within the political establishment they don’t think any rules apply to them.

ABC News’ lame defense of Hill is par for the course for the Washington media: Protect Democrats no matter what.

Small wonder fewer and fewer Americans trust these fools.

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