(TNS) Until Donald Trump had the bad taste to defeat the most criminally investigated presidential contender in the history of our republic, the mainstream media seemed to understand a president’s constitutional role.

One of those roles is, the president gets to decide foreign policy. Period.

There isn’t even an argument to make otherwise.

Well, there used to be no argument.

In the age of President Trump, norms are out the window. Everything that a president had power and authority to do — like demand a foreign government do something for America in exchange for taxpayer-funded aid — Trump suddenly has no right to do.

It’s pathetic. And worse, this misconception is being fueled by the Trump-deranged “Mainstream media,” mostly at The New York Times, CNN, and the Washington Post.

Fox News’ Brit Hume tweeted out a passage from a Post story on Saturday with a basic question: What’s wrong with this picture?

Since when is an Army Lt. colonel empowered with the authority to question the manner in which a president conducts foreign policy?

Before November 8, 2016, never.

After that date…always.

In fact, according to the #NeverTrump fake news media, any National Security Council official regardless of rank can not only question Trump’s foreign policy, but indeed, they are expected to question it.

Because Trump’s an “idiot,” you see.

It’s an unbelievable abdication of journalistic integrity and ethics to claim, directly or indirectly, that a president does not have the constitutional authority and responsibility to decide the manner in which the American government will or will not interact with foreign governments.

But so little of what the ‘mainstream media’ does in the Age of Trump qualifies as ethical or full of integrity.

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