Moron: Joe Biden repeatedly uses a fake word — “expodentially” — to describe…something

(TNS) Joe Biden is not an idiot savant…he’s just an idiot.

Seriously, this man was a buffoon before he became a U.S. senator and, eventually, Barack Obama’s Veep.

And he remains a buffoon. He really is too stupid to be our president.

As the garbage media and the Garbage Party continue to portray President Trump as mentally challenged, they ignore El Stupido in the room every time.

What does “expodentially” even mean? Because as far as we can tell, it’s not really a word at all.


And don’t you love how the media continually allows this man to get by with being…stupid?

But voters aren’t. Joe “Ukraine” Biden is sinking in the polls.

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Joe will shoot you through the door with his shotgun. Or take you out to the woodshed and pull your pants down if your young enough.

Yep, he’s such a pickled wet-brain he craps in the washer, and flushes the dryer.


Pro Quo Joe has never heard the word ‘exponent’ never mind what it means.

The Prisoner

The democratic party has provided a variety of misfits to prey upon the nation. Look at this one, he was never capable, never honest, now senile and exposed as an influence profiteer.


I feel bad when I see posts making fun of Joe Biden. He’s had brain surgery that probably is causing the gaffes, and it’s graceless to make fun of a handicapped person. I wasn’t paying much attention to politics when he was VP, partly because Obama was such a horror he nearly sucked all the air out of a room, so I don’t recall what Joe was like back then. Frankly, I’d rather have a Democrat candidate who’s unusually brain dead rather than Mayor Pete, who is just plain warped, or Elizabeth Warren who got stupid with no help at… Read more »

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