So there IS a ‘deep state’ eh? It’s now been confirmed by former CIA directors who are part of it

(TNS) Remember when, not so long ago, Americans were told by our betters in government, academia, and the mainstream media that there was no such thing as a “deep state” — that the concept was just another “right-wing conspiracy” in the age of President Trump?

Yeah, well, there is one, of course — not that we weren’t aware of it. But now its existence has been officially confirmed by a couple of former CIA directors who remain in good standing with the boys and girls who are still engaged in an attempt to undo the 2016 election results.

First, we bring you Former CIA director John McLaughlin, who spoke about the current impeachment sham against the president.

“Thank god for the deep state.”

Of course, admission that operatives exist behind the scenes to undermine a president who is doing things in ways they don’t approve of wouldn’t be complete without Spygate mastermind himself, John Brennan.

Absolutely pathetic.

These clowns are openly — and arrogantly — admitting that they believe the intelligence community has a right, and even an “obligation,” to undermine the president of the United States if they simply disagree with the manner in which he conducts foreign policy.

Because he earned the right to do things his way, you know, when he won the election.

Can you, dear reader, imagine even for a nanosecond that this crap would be taking place had Hillary Clinton actually pulled off a victory in 2016, as expected?

We can’t either. In fact, we know for certain none of this Spygate business would have been revealed at all had she won.

And guys like McLaughlin and Brennan wouldn’t be brazenly and openly discussing — and defending — this coup attempt we see right before our eyes.

We continue to hope that Attorney General William Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham will give us some closure (and justice) when they complete their criminal investigation into this sham.

They’d better — if they don’t want to see this happen again (like, say, when Trump wins reelection next year).

Hopefully Brennan’s name, at the very least, will be on the indictment list. We’ll see what that smug SOB has to say then.

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