(TNS) Garbage Party member Katie Hill of California is resigning today, and good riddance. Like most others in her party, she is a stain on America’s underwear, a power abuser who had no business in office to begin with.

She couldn’t go quietly, however. No. She had to get up before the House and give a resignation speech in which she sounded every bit the Democrat that she is.

She took no responsibility for her actions.

None. Rather, she blamed her sexual abuse of a staffer and blatant violations of House ethics rules on some fucking “double standard” that no one with two brain cells to rub together takes seriously.

Oh, and…that damned “right-wing media.”

The only thing more disgusting than her arrogance and inability to be an adult is her insistence that she has been singled out for some bad juju.


She broke a number of House ethics rules including having sex with a staffer, abusing her position of power to procure sexual activities for her douche nozzle husband, abused her staff sexually and emotionally, and making graphic sexual jokes about her staff.

That’s just the kind of stuff the hypocrites on the Left were complaining about when they started wearing ridiculous pussy hats and started that #MeToo movement.

Like indy journalist Mike Cernovich notes, it wasn’t the kinky, freaky, outta her mind sexual proclivities of Katie Hill that landed her in hot water.

It was the rules she broke in the process. And anyone reporting anything any differently is full of it.

Hill comes from an Orange County district the Garbage Party stole (probably literally) from Republicans last year. Let’s get our butts in gear, folks, and take it back.

That district needs an adult representing it, not a whiny, irresponsible weirdo who has less credibility than CNN.

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