(TNS) We knew that Democrats would be perennially pissed off when Donald Trump defeated Bitch Hillary, the most criminally investigated presidential contender ever.

But we kinda expected that Republicans would rally around him and help him reverse all the damage Barack “fundamentally transform America” Obama had done to our great republic.

Some Republicans, of course, signed on right away. But the RINOs came out in force to oppose Trump because he wasn’t ‘one of them’ — a swamp-dwelling, establishment ass clown who long ago forgot that their fundamental role in government was to serve the people who elected them, not serve themselves.

The GOP intelligentsia have been the worst #NeverTrumpers, and chief among them is Jonah Goldberg, a douchebag who makes his living pontificating about this or that conservative principle in a non-essential rag, National Review, but never actually doing a fucking thing to implement them.

And when America finally gets a president who has the same constitutional tendencies as George Washington, Goldberg, along with many other “conservatives,” abandoned Trump like bitches because he isn’t a pussy who will simply lie down and swallow all the shit the Garbage Party and RINOs try to feed him.

So it really didn’t surprise us when Goldberg took to Twitter to proclaim that the president is guilty — of something impeachable — and he must “apologize” lest Democrats actually pull the impeachment lever.

What a motherfucking coward, this Goldberg.

First of all, Trump isn’t “guilty” of anything except expecting so-called ‘conservatives’ like this prick would rally to his presidency and help him implement all that shit they’ve been pushing for since Reagan.

Secondly, apologizing to the Garbage Party isn’t going to stop them from impeaching this president if that’s what they decide to do since, you know, they’ve been hinting at it since about 10 pm. EDT election night 2016.

It’s appalling and disgusting to see this groveling shitbag receive so many accolades as though he’s some kind of big conservative thinker, when really, he’s just a weakling juice lip who would rather beg forgiveness from people who hate him than stand up for our republic by standing firmly with the man who’s obviously trying to save it.

President Trump won in 2016 despite being abandoned by fucking posers like Goldberg. And he’ll win again in 2020 without them.

And to be honest, that’s what really pisses them off.

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