(TNS) Wow, so Nancy Pelosi’s House of Representatives just formally voted to being a true-blue, no-fooling impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump earlier Thursday, huh?

It’s finally happened. They really, really did it!

So…that’s it then, huh? Next comes the impeachment trial in the Senate?

Uh, no.

The Garbage Party didn’t do a thing today except ‘formalize’ rat fink Adam Schiff’s BS secret squirrel deposition process — the one the Republicans have been lamenting about for weeks now.


And the president, who is the ‘target’ of this ongoing coup attempt, perfectly summed it up in one tweet with seven words:

Hyperbole? Maybe, but the president is exactly right.

This impeachment ‘inquiry’ was nothing more than a witch hunt before the vote today…and it remains one after the vote.

Not a thing has changed. Nothing.

Well, except maybe that some Garbage Party members in districts and states Trump won are a little closer to having their arses thrown out of office about a year from now.

Speaking of which, memo to Republicans complaining about Schiff’s and Democrats’ “unfair process” regarding the handling of depositions, witnesses, etc.: Stop whining.

Seriously. The Democrats are who they are — garbage human beings — and nothing they are doing should surprise you.

They are authoritarians. They are tyrants in waiting. There was never going to be a ‘fair’ pre-impeachment process. The Garbage Party’s mission in 2019 is to destroy our constitutional republic and replace it with Marxism, period.

We understand you have to posture, politically, for the cameras because you want people to know what’s really going on behind closed doors. Got it.

But man, please stop complaining about the ‘fairness’ aspect. That’s what happens when we lose elections. Democrats become precisely the POS’ we’ve come to expect them to be.

We have to win next year to shut this impeachment garbage down. Make that point instead.

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