(TNS) We continue to be amazed by the racist, sexist nature of Garbage Party voters as they pretend that they are our moral betters, all while electing the most heinous bigots on the planet.

Like Hawaii voters who continue to send douche nozzle Mazie Hirono to Washington.

The Aloha State senator used her time as a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee to slander — not question — Trump judicial nominee Lawrence VanDyke, a originalist who would rule on cases based on what the Constitution says and what the founders intended those passages to mean, not on what he wants it to mean, the judicial activist ass clowns Obama nominated.

Make no mistake, this bitch is a raging sexist and racist — as are nearly all Garbage Party members. Literally every fucking thing they think, do, and say comes down the color of one’s skin and whether or not that person is carrying a ball sack between their legs.

VanDyke set Hirono off when he dared to say that, as a federal judge and member of the Judicial Branch, he was look to the Constitution” when considering whether laws were…constitutional.

She took his answer and his originalist interpretation as someone who would ignore the fact that the Constitution has been amended 17 times since it was first ratified…because fucking stupidity.


“Enactment, ratification, whatever.”

Cock smoker, fuck face, whatever.

Let’s get it said that, No. 1, the Garbage Party uses the Constitution like a John uses a cheap whore — to their advantage, nothing more.

When it suits their political objectives, Democrats try to pretend they are constitutional scholars. When it gets in the way of their objectives — say, when they want to ban guns or censor certain forms of speech — then, suddenly, it’s a “living, breathing document” that should “change with the times.”

The short answer to this dumb bitch’s question is, “Yes, senator, IF the document had never been amended, then that’s how I would rule.”

Followed by, “But of course, it has been amended and so your question is inappropriate — like your existence in the august chamber.”

Yeah, okay, we know VanDyke would never say that. But we can. And we did.

Mazie Hirono is, like so many of her Garbage Party colleagues, a wart on the ass of our republic. It’d be nice of Hawaii voters would wise up to her racist, sexist bullshit and remove her from office next election.

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