(TNS) Ordinarily, this would have made our “Dickhead of the Day” section but since we’ve already posted one, we’ll have to address this fuckery in a story format.

2020 Democratic presidential never-gonna-be Julian Castro took to Twitter today to actually suggest that a wildfire currently burning in California that is threatening the Reagan Library is some kind of cosmic payback or something for their ‘climate denialism.’

Seriously. He actually suggested that bad climate denial juju is responsible for threatening Reagan’s library.

It isn’t possible to be this ignorant without trying.

Now, color us simple, but it seems more likely that California’s obsessively stupid liberal environmentalism has much more to do with this current wildfire than climate karma.

Because of douchebag Democratic environmental policies, one of the state’s largest power providers has been prevented from cutting back deadwood and brush from power lines and power stations.

As a result, any little spark from a power line will ignite the ample fuel surrounding the ignition point and viola, kiss hundreds of thousands of acres of land goodbye.

The Federalist Chuck DeVore notes:

Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom and his political allies claim climate change is driving California’s increasingly intense and deadly wildfires.

That’s nearly true. Climate change assumptions drive the state’s energy and environmental policies. This has resulted in people being killed in terrible wildfires, electrical blackouts to millions of people causing $5 billion so far in lost economic activity, all while diverting limited resources to a fool’s errand.

And let’s not forget regular power outages, as PG&E cuts off electricity to hundreds of thousands of Californians daily in order to lessen the chance for another fire.

Jesus H, Garbage Party Marxism/Communism is the most destructive political force in our country. What’s truly amazing is that people in blue states who daily watch these lunatics ruin everything they touch continue to reelect them.

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