(TNS) We continue to hail Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida as the current Republican leader with the biggest set of brass ones around.

On Tuesday, Gaetz told Fox Business Network’s Lou Dobbs that he and his fellow House Republicans wouldn’t have a problem at all calling that little scumbag fuck Adam Schiff as a “fact witness” if Democrats go ahead and pull the trigger on a full-blown, real-live impeachment of President Donald Trump.

It makes perfect sense when you think about it because here’s what’s already known about Schiff, the so-called “Ukraine whistleblower,” and the bullshit secretive process by which he’s currently proceeding:

— The individual took met with, and took guidance from, Schiff and his office, but then the little weasel dick lied about it later;

— The individual is a Democrat who had a “professional relationship” with a 2020 Garbage Party presidential candidate;

— Pencil neck’s staffers recommended attorneys for the individual;

— The individual’s attorneys have worked for Hillary Clinton, James Clapper, Chuck Schumer, and have donated to saggy nuts Joe Biden;

— The individual actually worked with Biden in the Executive Branch when he was Vice President.

So yeah, it makes perfect sense that Gaetz and Republicans would call that piece of shit Adam Schiff as a fact witness; he’s been balls deep in this conspiracy from the outset.


[videopress hQLYNdO0]

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