(TNS) Without question — and it’s not even close — President Trump is the most patriot, America-loving commander-in-chief we have elected since the days of our founding.

And when we compare his demonstrable patriotism to his predecessor — a scandal-plagued prick who sanctioned and led a coup attempt against 45 — it’s the difference between night and day, Americana versus Communism, a man who cherishes our republic versus a Marxist ideologue who wanted to “fundamentally change” our country.

So we get monumentally pissed off around here when some douchebag Democrat questions the president’s patriotism, like, say, the fucking idiot who runs the Arizona Garbage Party.

Just hours before the commander-in-chief authorized U.S. Special Forces operators to take down that cock smoker Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Arizona Democrat Party Chairman Felecia Rotellini actually said on Saturday that President Trump “has aligned himself with ISIS.”

What. The. Fuck.

Her remark was literally made as the president and his military and national security advisers were assembling in the White House Situation Room to watch the raid unfold.

Rotellini made her stupid comment during a panel discussion at the Citizens Clean Elections Commission’s “We the Voters” conference at the Phoenix Convention Center.

At around 3:45 EST, this bitch said, “…[A]nother reason that people are going to vote [is] because Donald Trump is manipulating that White House and has aligned himself with ISIS…”

Remember just a few days ago when the great pretenders in the dogshit Left-wing media and the Garbage Party (along with more than a few RINOs) were appalled – appalled, mind you — over the president’s “human scum” comment when describing those who have been plotting to remove him from office?

But it’s okay for a piece of shit like Rotellini and every other Democrat to call Trump “Nazi,” “ISIS,” “racist,” “bigot,” “Hitler,” “anti-Semite,” and every other disparaging name in the book.

Fuck these people and their out-of-control hatred.

The Donald is almost single-handedly responsible for saving our republic, which, under Obama, was well on its way to being “transformed” into just another nightmarish, socialist shithole — a process that would have been completed under Bitch Hillary.

Never forget what the 2020 election and beyond are about: Ensuring that haters, assholes, douche nozzles, and Communists like Rotellini are never again allowed to be in charge.

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