(TNS) Lt. Col. Alex Vindman is a decorated U.S. Army officer and combat veteran.

He’s also a member of the National Security Council.

He’s served his country and continues to serve. Good for him.

But that doesn’t make him a patriot.

Vindman is also the latest ‘witness’ to appear before dickhead Adam Schiff’s secret squirrel show impeachment inquiry in the basement of the U.S. Capitol Building.

Word has it that Vindman doesn’t much care for President Trump’s foreign policy.

But wait…Vindman is a serving line officer in the U.S. Army.

President Trump is not only his commander-in-chief, as head of the Executive Branch he makes foreign policy, not Lt. Col. Vindman.

Vindman works for the head of the Executive Branch, so the making of foreign policy is way above his current pay grade.

And also — why is this man showing up for his show trial in dress blues?


Well, to give himself and Schiff’s bullshit ‘hearing’ the air of legitimacy. Who would dare question a military man and veteran?

But Raheem is right. So this is a major violation of protocol. And of course, no one in the dogshit establishment media will ever know that. Or care.

Vindman’s presence in this scam is the most visible example yet that a soft coup attempt is taking place right before our very eyes.

And we’re seeing a serving U.S. military officer actively taking part.

Gen. Benedict Arnold wore a dress uniform and was a combat veteran too. And he was a treasonous shitbag.

Will Vindman become Arnold? We’re about to find out, but we already have a pretty good idea what’s coming.

Why the hell else would that scum fuck Adam Schiff call him to ‘testify?’

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