(TNS) Daniel Cameron is an accomplished lawyer, former U.S. district court judge, and current Republican candidate for attorney general in his home state of Kentucky.

So of course, he’s considered ‘fair game’ for mockery by the Left-wing douchebag cock smokers in the Garbage Party who claim to be the purveyors of ‘tolerance.’

If Cameron were running as a Democrat, of course, he’d be feted as the second coming of Barack Obama or some equally stupid bullshit like that.

But because he is conservative, he’s nothing more than the black version of that racist-in-chief, Donald Trump (written with massive sarcasm and a middle finger raised in the air).

So shit like this ‘cartoon’ is considered ‘witty’ and ‘appropriate’…

Fucking disgusting. That’s the only way to describe the ass clown who drew this cartoon and the ass clown who allowed it to be published.

But again, we’re talking about the Garbage Party. They are shit people who embrace shit values and shit culture. And if there are racists and bigots still walking around in ‘Merica in 2020, obviously they mostly vote for Democrats.

Good luck, Mr. Cameron. Anytime you want a platform, you have one here.

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