(TNS) Once again, the Washington Post is pimping itself out to its masters in the Garbage Party in order to help spread more propaganda that President Trump is a Russian stoolie.

We know he isn’t, of course; even that partisan shitbag Robert Mueller said as much.

But the Post can’t be bothered with facts. The paper’s editorial objective is to keep Americans divided and at each other’s throats with one bullshit lie after another about the greatest president America has had in generations, and the second coming of George Washington.

That is, after eight years of enabling the biggest fucking criminal to ever darken the Oval Office: Barack Obama.

So it doesn’t surprise us that the Post would publish a story claiming that Trump notified Moscow before he notified House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Dumbass-Calif.) about the special forces raid against that murderous ISIS bone smoker Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Two things: First of all, we don’t know for certain if Pelosi’s even telling the truth because like her Garbage Party, she fucking lies for a living.

Secondly, if this story is true, then we have to come to an obvious conclusion: Trump trusts Vladimir Putin more than certain American legislators.

Is that ‘evidence’ he’s a tool for the Kremlin? Yeah, right. Donald Trump isn’t a ‘tool’ for any sum bitch, let alone Putin.

No, more correctly, this is an indictment of douchebag Democrats who would have leaked details of the D-Day invasion if FDR was a Republican.

Trump can’t trust these pricks because they leak and lie like bosses. Adam Schiff, head of the House Intelligence Committee, chief among them.

So while the Post dutifully reports that Pelosi’s pissed off Trump didn’t tell Democrats before the al-Baghdadi raid, once again, those pricks get the story 100 percent wrong.

The focus should be on how Democrats have made it impossible for this president to trust them, even to help him defend our republic.

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