(TNS) Gee, we couldn’t see this coming (insert heavy dose of sarcasm here).

Sen. Kamala Harris, one of many “also-ran” 2020 Garbage Party presidential contenders, is realizing most of American doesn’t fucking want her as our president so she is resorting to the same old bullshit excuses: She’s got a vagina and dark skin.

Translation: There are too many white male voters who are misogynistic, racist sons of bitches and that’s the only reason why she’s not 20 points ahead of President Trump and 50 points ahead of all other Democrat contenders.

That’s what this bitch told Axios on HBO, anyway.


[videopress DKLXki1X]

If you’re like us, you are sick and fucking tired of seeing Democrats tear our republic apart with one insulting racial, gender complaint after another.

Here’s the big goof, though. Harris thinks she bitching about President Trump’s supporters — you know, the white, privileged, racist, gender-hating rednecks from Middle America who elected him (falsehood alert).

But wait…she’s not running in the general election right now.

She’s running for the Garbage Party nomination.

So in fact, she’s really calling Democrat voters too white, too misogynistic, and too racist to support her.

And truth be told, America doesn’t need another black, race-baiting agitator in the White House — not after eight years of outright anti-white, anti-conservative racism from that ass clown, Obama.

The Left blames Trump for being so divisive, but listen to Bitch Kamala again and ask yourself who’s really dividing us by race, gender, ethnicity, etc. — the president and his party or Harris and the Garbage Party?

Because conservatives never talk like that.

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