(TNS) President Trump and Attorney General William Barr finally broke the Garbage Party’s non-stop impeachment narrative last week with news that the Justice Department’s review of how “Spygate” began was now a criminal investigation.

Subsequent reporting also noted that Barr’s handpicked U.S. attorney, John Durham, likely has a cooperating witness — former chief FBI lawyer James Baker — and that Durham’s probably already convened a grand jury so he can start issuing indictments.

But before all of that kicks off in earnest, one thing is missing: That long, lost final report from DoJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz.

Why does that matter? Because Horowitz is liable to make a number of recommendations, including criminal referrals…indictments.

And if our instincts are right, those referrals, combined with Baker’s cooperation, should result in some guilty Obama-era motherfuckers getting pinched.

Maybe James Comey. Maybe James Clapper. John Brennan. Peter Strzok. Lisa Page. Sally Yates. And who knows who else…any sum bitch involved in the coup attempt to take down our duly elected president.

Speaking of whom, in a press gaggle over the weekend, the president dropped a hint that the stuff we’re going to see in Horowitz’s report are going to cause more than a few douchebag deep staters to shit their pants.

One America News, as usual, has the report.


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