(TNS) The day and age when a president’s children were off-limits to the barbarism that passes for political dissent in Washington, D.C., disappeared the moment Donald Trump became president.

Some say when he appointed his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and daughter, Ivanka, as advisers, then all bets were off and they became fair game like everyone else in an administration.

But of course, the Garbage Party and their scumbag supporters in the dogshit media have taken more than what reasonable people would call their fair share of shots at Jared and Ivanka, lambasting them in ways that the kids of prior administrations were never subject to.

Now, they’re coming under fire again, as is President Trump, because POTUS is hosting the couple’s 10th anniversary at Camp David.

Cue the outrage mofos.


These Left-wing motherfuckers are seriously outta their minds with hate. Not only does it cloud their every thought, but they can’t even do some basic research online to find out that the god king Obama held a party for his daughter, Malia, at (anyone? anyone?) Camp Fucking David.

Oh, and the Obamas had barely even moved in (this was 2009).

And when the god king held a little golfing party at Camp Fucking David for his buds, well, it made the Washington Post Style section (because they are hypocritical ass clowns).

The paper reported:

Obama and 11 close friends — including Marty Nesbit, Marvin Nicholson, Reggie Love and Sam Kass — spent the day competing for bragging rights. The winning foursome (Love, Kass, Wahid Hamid and Laurent Delanney) flew to Camp David with the president in Marine One; losers traveled there by van.

Then there was that time when the Dos Equis guy “crashed” a “private” Obama party at Camp Fucking David.

Fortune magazine reported:

The most memorable perk, though, was the time four years ago he spent a weekend at Camp David with President Barack Obama and some of the president’s closest friends.

“He was meeting with 10 of his oldest and best friends and I was invite as his surprise guest,” says Goldsmith. “I think he thought it was going to be George Clooney and I hope he wasn’t disappointed, but I spent an enchanting weekend with him. It was one of the highlights of my life.”

We’re not even upset that the Obamas used Camp David for their enjoyment. As a presidential retreat, the place is set up to accommodate all the security necessary to protect the first family and their guests. We get it.

What we object to is the nonsensical hyper hypocrisy bullshit from the Left when it comes to President Trump and his family.

But then, there is nothing sane or rational about the Garbage Party and their lunatic supporters. (H/T Twitchy)

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