(TNS) So much of what President Trump and his administration have done for America never gets reported because the shitty “mainstream media” in our country is populated with Garbage Party activists pretending to be journalists.

There are some legitimate news outlets that do, of course, but it’s tough to break through the Propaganda of the Dipshits when they control the airwaves and much of the Internet news bandwidth.

And sometimes their approach is all wrong. Sometimes it just takes a little humor to get the point across that a) Trump is our era’s George Washington; and b) the mainstream media is full of hate mongering douchebags.

Enter Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld.

In a single tweet, he exposed the lame, dishonest Democratic impeachment fuckery for what it is — pathetic — while managing to nail every one of the president’s ‘Make America Great Again’ campaign points.

Try to impeach that, mofos.

[videopress 7wuJbmfk]

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