(TNS) Even in Left-wing circles, CNN is a piece of shit network. We know that even Leftists think so because the network’s viewership ratings are so low and the caliber of guests and ‘journalists’ so bad you literally feel like you’re losing IQ points when you watch.

This was demonstrated again Thursday when that partisan hack Jake Tapper was hosting a forum discussing Republicans who “stormed” pencil neck liar Adam Schiff’s secret fake impeachment hearings on Wednesday.

As you can imagine, the dweebs, dickheads, malcontents, and losers who generally make up CNN panels held a dim view of the Matt Gaetz-led patriot caucus who did what they did in order to highlight the fact that what Schiff is doing is complete bullshit and that he’s not only cutting Republicans out of the process but the entire country by hiding what he’s doing.

And while we sorta thought that Don Lemon was the dumbest of the dumbasses who host little-watched programs on that shit network, we were wrong.

It’s CNN contributor Keith Boykin.

He actually compared what the Republicans did to a fucking Klan lynching. And, of course, since he’s on CNN and he’s a minority, he got away with labeling every single GOP congressman who took part and their supporters/voters bigots.

What a giant penis.

Now, stop us if you’ve heard this before, but the KKK was a fucking Democrat creation, founded after the Civil War by disgruntled former Confederates and Democrats.

Clean up into the 20th century, these Democrat KKK pieces of shit were continuing to terrorize blacks until they were forced to stop thanks to laws that Republicans helped pass.

How many Republican members of Congress have been associated with the Klan, Mr. Boykin, you dick? None.

How many Democrats? Several.

Only when Democrats realized they could fucking lie their way into convincing blacks that they were the “party of the minority” did they stop promoting and backing the KKK.

As for Boykin, he’s a race-baiting, ignorant shitbag.


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