(TNS) Under the ‘leadership’ of Jeff Zucker, CNN has gone from a bad network to a really shitty one, dropping viewers like Tiger Woods drops 15-foot putts.

In fact, the only reason the network has any domestic viewership is because that fucknuts pays airports to broadcast CNN.

So when he sits down with one of his network toadies, little Brian Stelter, who couldn’t tell a straight story if his life depended on it, and calls out the cable behemoth Fox News for being dishonest, it’s jaw-droopingly stupid.

And yet, that’s precisely what he did:

To watch Jeff Zucker, president of CNN, the fakest fucking news channel ever, defame a competitor like Fox News, which has a stellar reputation for spot-on reporting, is pathetic.

But what the hell, right? A pathetic little man running a pathetic, little-watched network staffed by pathetic correspondents and hosts who are required to be stricken with Trump Derangement Syndrome as a job requirement.

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