(TNS) Thank god there still are legitimate news media organizations who do real investigative work without regard to party or deep state loyalties, otherwise we’d never know just what a scumbag piece of shit Adam Schiff really is.

You may have heard the Garbage Party propaganda media reporting that William Taylor, the #neverTrump diplomat who is serving as Schiff’s ‘star impeachment witness’ (this week) and who allegedly corroborated previously reported claims that the president engaged in some sort of illegal “quid pro quo” with Ukraine, actually met with a staffer from this puke’s office four days before the Ukraine story leak was published by Politico.

That’s according to Ivan Pentchoukov, the deputy digital editor for The Epoch Times. He dug up the paperwork corroborating his claims.

So, that shitbag Schiff’s own staffer met with the new ‘star witness’ in the fake impeachment inquiry of the president.

Anything else? Yep.

Didn’t you just know there was going to be a connection to those fucking Bidens? Because after all, Ukraine was a Democrat political playground during the god king Obama’s scandal-ridden tenure.

Not only did that turd send Joe Biden over to threaten withholding of $1 billion in aid money unless Ukrainian officials fired a prosecutor looking into Burisma corruption at a time when Hunter Biden was a board member, but Bitch Hillary and the DNC were mining Ukrainian officials for — anyone? anyone? — political dirt on Trump.

Thanks to Pentchoukov and his legitimate media organization for filling in some blanks. Now it’s time for Republicans to tee off on that lying prick Adam Schiff.

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