(TNS) Anyone with two brain cells to rub together and can read knows that, based on the transcript of President Trump’s phone call in July with Ukrainian President Zelensky, he did not threaten to withhold military aid from that country unless he got “dirt” on Joe Biden.

That’s what makes this bullshit “Ukrainegate” quid pro quo narrative the Garbage Party and their media bone smokers are pushing so laughable — that is, it would be laughable, if impeachment wasn’t so serious and divisive a thing for our country.

But even though that transcript does not ‘prove’ any quid pro quo on the part of the president, so what if he did use his levers of power to get something from a foreign government that was, in turn, receiving aid paid for by American taxpayers?

That shit happened all the time before Trump came into office.

That’s how presidents in the past have managed to advance their own foreign policy objectives and agendas.

We know that saggy nuts Joe Biden pulled off a legitimate quid pro quo with Ukraine when, as Obama’s point man, he threatened to withhold a billion dollars until Kiev fired a corrupt prosecutor who was investigating corruption involving a company employing his son, Hunter.

A former State Dept. staffer during the Obama administration sat down with One America Network’s Liz Wheeler and explained that this is the way governments operate and certainly the way the U.S. operates because we’re the big dog on the block and we have the biggest wallet.

She also noted that what Trump was really attempting to do was press Zelensky about corruption surrounding foreign interference in the 2016 election (which did, of course, happen, compliments of Obama).

And didn’t the Garbage Party care about that shit when they were pushing the fabricated “Trump-Russian collusion” lie just a couple months ago?


[videopress 78siLwrP]

The Garbage Party knows how all of this works. They also know their “Ukrainegate” narrative is complete bullshit. But because they have an unhealthy hatred for Trump, they’re willing to blow the entire country the fuck up just to ‘get’ him.

That makes them seditious little douchebags and the primary reason why we simply have to reclaim our republic next November.

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