(TNS) As we warned last week, the Garbage Party’s ‘impeachment inquiry’ has officially turned into a clown show as selective witness testimony is being “leaked” to the propaganda media to make it seem as though some unconstitutional “quid pro quo” between President Trump and Ukraine actually happened.

We noted:

The Garbage Party is set to ramp up their fake impeachment ‘inquiry’ with a series of depositions this coming week, and of course their allies in the douchebag media will breathlessly report each one as the latest ‘bombshell’ set to sink President Trump. …

…[T]hey are ‘taking depositions’ so they can hold proceedings in secret rather than simply have witnesses appear to provide “testimony” in open sessions — even while these fuckers insist that President Trump and his administration cling to “transparency.” …

And get ready: While the douchebag media will claim otherwise, none of what’s going to be said this week will actually support a legitimate impeachment effort — that is, if prick Democrats ever actually hold a real impeachment vote.

Right on cue: A “bombshell” revelation on Tuesday claimed that diplomat Bill Taylor dropped a dime on the president, based on selectively leaked information.

And this, from earlier in the day, before the latest round of clown show bullshit:

Now, according to Republicans, that dipshit pencil neck Adam Schiff is refusing to allow GOP members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee to see transcripts of testimony without “Democrat supervision.”

What the fuck…?

Democrats are thugs, criminals, and tyrants, period. Let’s hope enough Republicans with balls remember this shit when the GOP recaptures the House next year.

Meantime, maybe they should start leaking on their own. That’s the only way Americans are going to learn the truth about what’s going on in the Capitol basement with these ‘witnesses’ that lying scumbag Schiff is parading in.

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