(TNS) We all know by now that the fake impeachment ‘proceedings’ led by pencil neck Rep. Adam Schiff and his band of Garbage Party douchebags are nothing more than an orchestrated effort to continue assaulting the most politically assaulted president in the history of the republic.

Donald Trump is guilty of an illegal or improper “quid pro quo” with Ukraine like the Democrats are guilty of being stellar human beings.

One man who is intimately familiar with how House impeachment proceedings are really supposed to be conducted, former Speaker Newt Gingrich, verbally bitch-slapped Schiff and his fucktard cohorts for the manner in which they are destroying the institution they are supposed to protect and defend while throwing gasoline on the country as they light a torch.

Gingrich led the inquiry against that fucking criminal, Bill Clinton, after “BJ” got it on with an intern named Monica Lewinsky, then lied his Arkansas ass off about it to federal investigators — a huge no-no.

Back then, you see, even presidents couldn’t lie to federal investigators lest they set themselves up for legal jeopardy. By the time the god king Obama disgraced the people’s house, however, roles had switched: Federal investigators (yes, James Comey, we’re looking at you) became the liars and of course, no one held them responsible.

But we digress.

Gingrich, besides being an expert on constitutional impeachment process, is also a masterful historian. In an interview with Fox News on Wednesday, he points out that the shit Adam Schiff is trying to pull — holding secret tribunals in which the state gets to make all the rules and deny witnesses and the accused equal justice — was outlawed in the New World and England in 1641.

Why? Holding secret proceedings “is inherently to the advantage of the state to crush the individual.”

Gingrich drops more dimes on the pointed little heads of the seditious Garbage Party dickheads, including pointing out that if House Speaker Pelosi has such an open-and-shut case on the president, a) fucking file some articles of impeachment; and b) let’s get all this shit out in public because the American people deserve that.

The Garbage Party and their sycophant media allies are all acting as though the head of the Executive Branch — President Trump — doesn’t have any rights. He does.

They just wish he didn’t. Because they are tyrannical nut sacks, every one.


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