(TNS) Two former Obama officials have been uncharacteristically abrasive and abusive when it comes to discussing President Trump — onetime CIA Director John Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

Both of these pukes have a history of publicly trashing the president, even going so far as to suggest that he’s got mental problems and that he should be removed from office via the 25th Amendment.

That scumbag Brennan is the worst. This motherfucker comes unglued at practically every Trump tweet. And he uses his comfy perch over at that pretend news network, CNN, to pontificate about how Trump violates the law and Constitution daily simply by acting within his Article II authority.

Now, finally, the day is coming where he’s going to be in the hot seat — and if he lies like he has in the past, he just might find his old, wrinkly ass in the clink.

Ditto for Clapper.

According to One American News, U.S. Attorney John Durham is scheduled to interview these two douche nozzles as part of his and Attorney General William Barr’s ongoing probe into the origins of “Spygate” — the Obama-era operation to depose our duly elected president.

The interviews come as the Garbage Party’s efforts to impeach the president for breathing ramps up using secret tribunals held in the basement of the Capitol Building by that serial liar Adam Schiff.

It’s about time Brennan and Clapper were made to answer questions about their roles in Spygate, because we know damned good and well they played roles.

What else does this tell us? It says that Durham and Barr are zeroing in on the main Spygate suspects, which could mean they are close to wrapping their probe.

This, while we wait…and wait… and wait for a report from DoJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz that keeps getting delayed and delayed and delayed (what’s up with that shit? Chuck Grassley thinks he knows).


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