All those times Democrats called Bill Clinton’s impeachment a ‘lynching’ (Videos)

(TNS) Anyone familiar at all with policies knows that the Garbage Party is full of hypocrites. In fact, that may actually be a requirement: You can’t have integrity, you can’t be honest, and by all means, ignore all those times you are one giant dick hypocrite.

Kind of like Democrats are doing now when it comes to criticizing President Trump for calling the current effort to impeach him a “lynching.” Because, politically speaking, that’s exactly what it is.

There is no reason to impeach Trump. He hasn’t committed any ‘high crimes or misdemeanors,’ the constitutional standard for removing a president from office.

Every single allegation against him is completely fabricated, up to and including this “Ukrainegate” bullshit. Forget the “quid pro quo” nonsense; presidents since the founding of our country have used whatever levers of power they have available to them to get what they want, whether it’s on behalf of the United States or on behalf of their own personal policy objective.

That fucktard criminal Obama did it when he promised Russian President Dmitry Medvedev he’d have “more flexibility” after his 2012 reelection to negotiate away our missile defense deterrent.

And we know saggy nuts Joe Biden threatened to withhold a billion dollars in aid to Ukraine if that country didn’t fire a prosecutor looking into corruption involving Burisma Holdings at precisely the time when the firm was paying his son, Hunter Biden, tens of thousands of dollars per month.

We also know that, back in the day, then-President Bill “Blow Job” Clinton lied his ass off to federal investigators. We know he obstructed justice. Those two crimes alone met the constitutional threshold for impeachment, which is why he was impeached.

Back then, douchebag Democrats called it a “lynching.”


But today, when Trump uses that term, it’s wrong. Hell, CNN even claimed it was “racist” (not even kidding — those fucking idiots need some mental help).

The Left-wing stupid never stops.

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Perhaps President Trump was trolling the imbeciles. Makes them show their hypocrisy. He makes them shed their masks, and expose themselves more and more.
Between the hate hoaxes and language police crap, making more people fed up with liberal horsecrap, and all their hypocrisy.

Dem party were the one doing the lynching. They are the bigots. They excuse clowns like Truedope, and vote for more minstrel-buttclownery.

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