(TNS) If it wasn’t obvious before that President Trump is virtually alone in Washington, D.C., and surrounded by deep state establishment assholes and RINO pieces of shit, Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.) just made it that way.

For reasons known only to him, he said Tuesday that he was ready to use his position as chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee to begin an investigation into the origins of “Ukrainegate.”

You read that correctly: He’s not interested in continuing to find out who was responsible for the seditious-as-fuck coup attempt against our duly-elected president. No.

He ready to assist the Garbage Party bullshit probe in the House as they pretend to conduct a real-live impeachment inquiry of a president who hasn’t done a goddamned thing wrong.

Fox News’ Chad Pergram tweeted out the details.

What the fuck is going on here?

That’s easy. Burr is signaling that he’s all-in with the president’s deep state opposition. He’s ready to do his part to throw the president to the wolves. He’s proving, again, that he is a RINO piece of shit who, like his Democrat butt buddies, would rather destroy our republic and torch its institutions than abide by the will of an electoral majority of Americans who put Trump in the Oval Office.

It’s his way of giving us the high, hard one.

Meanwhile, we keep asking where the hell Sen. Lindsey Graham is hiding? He gets that smug fucking face of his on Fox News just about every night to sprout the same bullshit promise over and over again: He, too, plans to get to the bottom of ‘Spygate.’

But we know he won’t because his butt buddy, the late Sen. John “Fuck You, Trump” McCain, was up to his saggy-ass neck in Spygate. He was the one, you recall, who sent someone to England to retrieve the crap “dossier” from Christopher Steele.

Trump really is on an island in the nation’s capital. He’s all by himself. And if that attorney general of his, William Barr, doesn’t start indicting some guilty sons of bitches sometime soon, the deep state is going to take our president from us.

Then the shit will be all over the proverbial fan.

It never ceases to amaze us how unified Democrats can be — the party that actually seeks the destruction of our republic — while Republicans shit on each other instead. What a bunch of fucktards.

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