(TNS) There is no bigger piece of shit on the planet than George Soros, who fucked over the Bank of England to make his first billion.

This Communist cock smoker has poured hundreds of millions of dollars into affecting the outcome of American political races, and always in favor of the Garbage Party — which in and of itself ought to tell you what kind of political system Democrats actually prefer.

Now, come to find out, it’s possible this prick and his vast array of non-profit lobbying organizations which have been working overtime to defeat President Trump next year may have been operating in a manner that fucked over the IRS and American taxpayers.

One America News has discovered a series of discrepancies in tax filings of some of Soros’s foundations, namely that one major lobbying group has employees that it doesn’t actually pay for.

Instead, those workers and lobbyists are paid by another Soros Open Society Foundation entity, as a way of hiding the fact that the first entity is indeed lobbying when it shouldn’t be.

In sum, the lobbying conglomerate is using deception and misleading information in order to skirt tax laws and shove a dick up America’s ass.

But as usual, OANN is all over it.


[videopress YoFNxmMt]

Gee, it sure would be a damned shame if President Trump were to call up Treasury Secretary Mnuchin and instruct him to put some people at the IRS he can trust on investigating Soros the douche nozzle.

We would just hate to see this saggy nuts piece of shit spend a vast portion of his fortune to pay back the American republic he [allegedly] fucked over so he could push his Marxist agenda.

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