(TNS) The Left-wing ‘mainstream media,’ which has long found its home in the Garbage Party, used to bill itself as “anti-war,” but that was when Donald Trump wasn’t our president and before he beat the nasty pantsuit off Bitch Hillary.

Now, whatever President Trump is for, the dogshit media is against. For instance, Trump pulls about 500 U.S. troops out of Syria — the contingent we had there — and the media ass wipes are suddenly, “You abandoned the Kurds, you fucking ogre!”

Remember when the media did all of those sympathetic puff pieces on the Kurds, embedding correspondents with them so they could bring us ‘a day in the life’ of these poor, persecuted individuals?

Yeah, neither do we. Because that shit never happened.

So, pissed off that Trump dared to keep another campaign promise and extract American troops from yet another Middle East shithole, the media are now trying to talk us into a war with a NATO ally: Turkey.

To do that, they are reporting shit that Trump never said. Big surprise, huh?

“Fully prepared” makes it sound like our commander-in-chief is preparing to give the order to attack! But….he’s not.


The BS includes the anti-Trump foreign media too, by the way.

There is literally nothing we can believe right off the bat when it comes to the media’s reporting regarding the Trump administration. Everything has to be taken with a grain of salt. Washington establishment reporters, by and large, are among the most dishonest sons of bitches on the planet.

Trump Derangement Syndrome causes that, apparently.

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