(TNS) As long as the Garbage Party and their enablers in the dogshit media pretend as though a legitimate impeachment inquiry of President Trump is underway, we’ll keep providing truthful insight into the sham.

As you know, Democrats have been holding “depositions” of “witnesses” in secret — behind closed doors and away from public scrutiny because they are dishonest pieces of shit and they want to be able to craft their own message that, of course, gets lapped up by the lapdog media.

Up to now, Republicans have had almost zero input in these proceedings. Fucktard liars like Adam Schiff have refused to allow the GOP minority to partake in the proceedings by asking questions of ‘witnesses’ and so forth. And naturally, Bitch Nancy has signed off on all of it.

Now, however, the GOP is about get get even less access to proceedings. According to a couple Republicans interviewed Monday evening by Laura Ingraham, Schiff the douche nozzle won’t even let them see transcripts of the depositions anymore.

Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ): The reality is when you close the doors, you’re saying we don’t trust anybody but us to get to the truth. And they’re actually, the word came out tonight, they’re not even going to let these guys, members of the committee, get access to the transcripts anymore.

Ingraham: What? What? Whoa-woah-woah… What is the, what are they doing that for? Why are they doing that?

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY): they want to be able to prepare their report. And they don’t want to let us to get the rest of the information out. So this is not a level playing field…


[videopress dWUOBtM8]

The Democrat Party is replete with the most lawless, constitutionally inept, Communist sympathizing ass clowns our country has ever produced.

They’re not even trying to be proper anymore. They are literally prepared to burn down every one of our institutions in order to ‘get Donald Trump.’

Fuck that, and fuck them. We won’t let them hide behind bitch skirts as they seek to destroy our republic.

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