(TNS) The United States is an ultra-modern, first-world member of the Global North of nations, but increasingly, it’s not looking that way in one corner of the country.

Thanks to the fact that the Golden State is 110 percent owned and operated by the Garbage Party, it’s become a third-world shithole on the same level, in many respects, as some of the most backward countries in the Global South.

You’ve no doubt read about how portions of Los Angeles, San Francisco, and other cities have been transformed into giant, fetid, stinking, disease-ridden, rat-infested zones of filth, where thousands of homeless people congregate daily.

Many of these camps are along LA and San Fran city streets — scenes that look like they have come straight out of an apocalypse film.

Worse, the dickheads and douchebag Democrats who run these cities continue to either defend or adopt policies that only make the problem worse.

Now, however, large swaths of the state are going to have to suffer through rolling brownouts and blackouts, going hours without electricity, because, again, the Garbage Party with their abject stupidity and fucktard policies are forcing the state’s largest electricity supplier to actually shut down.

And this third-world bullshit is expected to last at least a decade, if you can believe that (and you should because that came straight from the guy who runs the utility.

Per NPR:

The CEO of Pacific Gas & Electric Corp. told California energy regulators that the state will likely see blackouts for another 10 years like the one imposed last week that left as many as 800,000 customers without power.

The revelation by corporation CEO Bill Johnson came Friday at a California Public Utilities Commission meeting at which he said his company is trying to reduce the chances of wildfires by trimming more trees and using technology to target smaller areas of the grid when fire dangers require power outages.

But Johnson said it could take 10 years before such outages are “really ratcheted down significantly.”

PG&E has come near universal criticism for its lack of planning in shutting off power and its failure to adequately handle customers’ questions while the outages lasted. PUC president Marybel Batjer blasted utility officials saying, “what we saw play out by PG&E last week cannot be repeated.”

During the blackouts, Johnson admitted that his company had not been prepared for the impact of the outages, including the crashing of the utility’s website and call centers being overwhelmed with customers’ concerns.

Let’s get one thing straight here. This shit is the direct result of Democrat policies: Wacko dumb fuck environmental rules adopted by Garbage Party dickheads over the years that have prevented PG&E from performing due diligence maintenance (like clearing of deadwood and brush from around power lines and poles) that have ultimately led to major wildfires.

It’s insane that the very same utility company being blamed for starting the state’s deadliest wildfire — which led to bankruptcy, by the way — is now being blamed for shutting down power to certain areas in order to avoid reigniting fires … due to Democrat policies and regulations preventing the company from clear-cutting dead brush.

You just can’t make this up.

That anyone would have to suffer through 10 fucking years of power outages in a state where Silicon Valley is located is not simply unimaginable, it’s goddamned unacceptable.

Or it should be.

Californians who continue to support dumbass Democrats have no one to blame for what’s going on now with your power company but yourselves. Here’s a super big hint: If you keep voting for the same dickheads, derelicts, and dumbasses in the Democrat Party, shit isn’t going to change.

So you have two choices: Get the fuck out now or get rid of the ass clowns who are turning your state into a third-world shithole literally by the day.

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