Report: Identity of ‘Ukraine whistleblower’ coming into focus; has ties to Adam Schiff’s staff (Video)

(TNS) We still don’t know who the identity of the CIA weasel dick who is responsible for launching the latest deep state effort to depose President Donald Trump over an alleged “quid pro quo” involving Ukraine, but thanks to One America News, we’re closer.

In a report Sunday, the network laid out all of what is known about the “whistleblower,” including his/her ties to that fucktard liar Adam Schiff and his staff.

The House Intelligence Committee chairman has been given a green light by his bitch Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, not to conduct a legitimate impeachment inquiry but rather to run interference for her and the Garbage Party as they jack off the media with bullshit while trying to stretch this impeachment crap into the 2020 election cycle.

OANN filed a report mentioning a name but not actually confirming the identity of this deep state shitbag.

Whether this person winds up being the one who obviously worked with Adam Dog-Schiff’s office to fabricate “Ukrainegate” or not, this much is clear: The person is no fucking American hero but rather an enemy of the state.

Anyone who participates in a coup attempt to bring down a duly elected president is a seditious son of a bitch, period.

Because your job in government is not to like the commander-in-chief per se, but acknowledge that he was elected by our system to lead the Executive Branch. So you fall in line and serve the country by serving him, or you get the fuck out and go find something else to do.

Hat’s off, again, to OANN for their investigative work.


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