(TNS) Nancy Pelosi stood before the TV cameras last month and proclaimed that the people’s House of Representatives was opening an “impeachment inquiry” into President Donald Trump.

She was, in short, lying her ass off.

There hasn’t been a real impeachment inquiry thus far. All there has been is a lot of claims by the dogshit media, which serves as the Garbage Party’s propaganda wing, that an inquiry is taking place, but those claims are lies as well.

Nothing the Democrats have done so far rises to the level of a legitimate impeachment inquiry. You can’t call witnesses and then depose them in secret and call that an impeachment inquiry.

But that’s what these fucktards are doing. They spent all last week not debating a plan with Republicans to lower prescription drug prices, how best to approve the renegotiated USMCA agreement, or a bill authorizing infrastructure repairs. No.

It was fake impeachment inquiry time, enabled by the fake news media. There is nothing real about the Garbage Party except that they are real assholes.

So Pelosi used a bullshit NYTimes op-ed to try to guilt the Republicans into turning on Trump because, you know, the Garbage Party is a beacon of morality.

Is she fucking kidding? Obviously the Times editorial is full of shit because the Times only hires editors and reporters who are Garbage Party sycophants and, thus, full of shit.

Pelosi is chiding Republicans for something Democrats and that fucking coup-leading criminal Obama are guilty of doing.

Trump didn’t solicit foreign assistance to entrap his political opponent; the Democrats did that. Bitch Hillary did that. Obama the ass clown did that. Comey. Clapper. Brennan. Strzok. Etc.

Pelosi is simply lashing out because like the majority of her political career she’s failing at convincing enough Americans that Trump is impeachment-worthy (forget the bullshit polling data that says otherwise; look at the turnout for the man’s political rallies).

The Garbage Party is attempting to destroy our country by corrupting all of its governing institutions. Trump is the warrior standing in the breech to prevent those pricks from accomplishing their mission, and that’s why they hate him.

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