(TNS) Only a Democrat could run for president of the United States with the last name of “Castro.” Because only Democrats have ‘Castro-like’ Communist tendencies.

And besides, they’re fucking idiots.

2020 Garbage Party candidate Rep. Joaquin Castro, whose twin brother Julian was San Antonio’s mayor and Barack Obama’s HUD secretary for a couple of years, is so afflicted by Trump Derangement Syndrome that this ass clown has conflated an Obama “human rights violation” with the Trump administration.

An old article from The Hill is going semi-viral again, and it’s about migrant kids being adopted by Americans without their parents knowing about it.

The story clearly mentioned that several migrant kids were adopted in secret, alright — but during the Obama regime:

The Barrs’ attorney and the Michigan judge were also found to have violated federal law by not notifying Alexa or her mother about the guardianship proceedings.

In a statement to The Hill, a DHS spokeswoman said that all of the cases the AP reviewed came under the Obama administration, emphasizing that all of the adoptions were done legally.

“DHS takes seriously our responsibility for those in our custody — without the opportunity to look into these claims as we were not provided a name, alien number, or identifying details we find this claim to be baseless,” the spokeswoman said.

But that Commie hack Castro didn’t even bother to read the fucking story before he tweeted out this shit:

Unbelievable. But then again, what are we to expect from a political party full of derelicts, asshats, morons, and enemies of the state?

When you instinctively blame everything that happens on one person without even bothering to do some basic research (like read an article), here’s a news flash: 
Dude, you are the sum bitch with the problem, not Trump.

We keep saying it: We call Democrats the Garbage Party for a reason.

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