(TNS) Poor Ted Lieu. The Garbage Party lawmaker from California is so stricken with Trump Derangement Syndrome he has to lie his ass off in order to accuse someone of lying.

The partisan dickhead tweeted out a claim Saturday evening that former Independent Counsel Ken Starr, a one-time U.S. circuit court judge and Solicitor General, was “lying” when criticized Democrats for conducting their bullshit “impeachment inquiry” in secret.

Look at this fuck.

Lieu is conflating an independent counsel investigation of former President Bill Clinton, which was a criminal probe, with a congressional impeachment inquiry which, since the dawn of the republic, have been done (anyone? anyone?) in public.

And why? Because impeaching is a huge fucking deal or, at least, it used to be until the House was taken over by a bunch of hyper-partisan Democrat nutsacks.

Bill Clinton was a piece of shit and a criminal for so many different reasons, so let’s be clear: Starr’s investigation wasn’t an impeachment inquiry. That was done by the House of Representatives, then led by Speaker Newt Gingrich…in full view of the American people.

Like impeachment inquiries are supposed to be done.

But the Garbage Party isn’t really conducting an impeachment inquiry. That’s why lying Adam Schiff and the rest of his fucktard Democrats were holding ‘depositions’ of ‘witnesses’ all last week in secret: Because what they’re doing isn’t constitutional, isn’t proper, and isn’t how a real inquiry is done.

Ted Lieu is the worst of the Garbage Party partisans. He doesn’t give a fuck if he destroys the social fabric of America in order to ‘get’ Donald Trump. And for what? What has this president done other than defeat Bitch Hillary? That alone is a major difference between Clinton and Trump; Clinton was actually guilty of doing something illegal (obstruction of justice; lying to federal investigators).

Not a damned thing the Democrats say or do is honest. But this prick is the worst of the lot and considering what dirtbag fucks Democrats are, that’s hard to do.

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