(TNS) It’s becoming more and more obvious by the day that the Garbage Party doesn’t have a damned thing on President Trump or anyone in his inner circle when it comes to impeachable offenses, no matter how many times they say otherwise.

The latest float in the bullshit parade is that presidential attorney Rudy Giuliani has violated law after law in helping his client navigate through all the fucking corruption of the Obama regime, beginning with the fake “Russian collusion” narrative and including an outright attempt to depose him, via Spygate.

Anyone paying attention to this circus knows that Obama and his sick fucking sycophants used all of the resources of the federal government to set Trump up including the FBI, the Justice Department and the Intelligence Community.

The latter even involved tapping our Five Eyes alliance members for dirt on Trump. And yet, none of those douchebags could come up with anything because, as it turns out, America has elected the most honest man to be president since George Washington.

So when Giuliani, Attorney General William Barr, and U.S. Attorney John Durham headed overseas to visit our ‘allies’ in order to find out what roles they played in Spygate — to include Ukraine, by the way — somehow that’s a big fucking scandal.

Only it isn’t because that turd bag Obama already popped the cherry when he politicized our institutions like a third-world dictator in order to undermine an opponent.

Thus, anytime a member of the Garbage Party, to include the conga line of 2020 presidential contenders, makes the assertion that Giuliani, the president, and his inner circle have “violated the law,” they’re full of shit.

This was exposed on CNN of all places Friday, when that blowhard (take that as you will) Kamala Harris couldn’t name a single statute that Giuliani violated in any action he has taken on behalf of his client, the president of the United States:


Absolutely disgraceful. This bitch even suggests that Giuliani was involved in bribery. 

It should be obvious by now the Garbage Party doesn’t have anything on the president or any of his staff; they’re just making this shit up as they go. If anything, those douche nozzles should be held liable for slandering Giuliani and the president.

Bottom line: Democrats don’t give a damn if it burns the country down in this process — because they’re shitty human beings.

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