(TNS) We love Dr. Ben Carson, President Trump’s Housing and Urban Development secretary. We don’t hear from this brilliant, compassionate man nearly enough.

Fortunately, he sat down with One America News for a series of interviews in which he discusses the work he’s doing, largely under the radar, on behalf of HUD and the president.

One of the most recent subjects was the worsening homeless problem in Los Angeles.

Dr. Carson is a much more cultured individual — and far more polite — than we are here at TNS, so he doesn’t come right out and say this, but rather, he infers it: If not for the fucktard Democrats who run California and own LA, the homeless problem and the unsanitary, disease-ridden, rat-infested conditions created by it wouldn’t be a problem.

The HUD secretary said he and the president recently visited LA to see the problem first-hand. And as much as the Garbage Party asswipes who run the state think they aren’t part of the U.S., they are and, as such, the problems they create are American problems, as far as Dr. Carson is concerned.

So he wants to help those pricks solve this homeless issue, but as he says, the biggest impediments to problem-solving are Garbage Party asswipes.

Dr. Carson has some ideas about how to get the homeless people off LA streets and the streets of other California cities (45 percent of all homeless people live in California). But every solution comes with a cost in terms of dollars.

Simply throwing money at the problem isn’t what’s needed, he said. Getting rid of layer after layer of bullshit burdensome regulations is what’s needed principally, but of course, the numbnuts in the Garbage Party love big, fat, fucking expensive government, so big, fat fucking chance the regulations are going to go away.

In fact, Dr. Carson notes that if we take California out of the equation, America’s homeless problem is dramatically reduced. So the problem is there to be solved; getting California’s dickhead Democrats to sign off on HUD’s initiatives are another issue, however.

Still, it’s wonderful to see genuine compassion in a genuine public servant who genuinely wants to solve a problem created by, and made worse by, a party that looks at him as a ‘race sellout’ — because they’re assholes.


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