(TNS) Bill and Hillary Clinton have been shitstains in America’s underbritches — pimples on the ass of our republic and, really, of the world — since we enabled them by putting their corrupt heinies in the White House way back in ’92.

But America should have seen through their bullshit. In fact, there was an incident during a network interview featuring the two of them that was pure karma looking back at it; we just didn’t see it at the time.

The first time these two dirtbags tag-teamed on national television, they lied their asses off about one of Bill Clinton’s many affairs (a little 12-year jaunt with a bimbo named Gennifer Flowers).

During the interview, Bill Clinton flat-out said Flowers was lying but six years later during testimony under oath as part of an impeachment inquiry, he would admit that yeah, he did fool around with Flowers.

No sooner than Clinton lied about that, some lighting being used for the interview fell and nearly landed on the two of them.

Instant fucking karma. 

If only we, as a nation, had understood that sign when it happened, these two ass clowns would never have darkened the Oval Office, where they launched an eight-year scandal record that was only matched recently — by Barack Obama.

And gee..both were members of the Garbage Party. Go figure.

For the record, who would lie about a 12-year affair? Twelve fucking years? Not once or twice in the back seat of your car or a couple of hotel visits…12 years. Oh, but Hillary never knew. Riiiight.


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