(TNS) As the Garbage Party continues its bullshit ‘impeachment’ push in the House, claiming that President Trump has committed all kinds of criminal offenses including firing Obama holdover Amb. Marie Yavanovitch, one intelligence expert has come forward to note that Ukrainian organizations were imploring the Trump White House to recall her months before she was canned.

Dr. Christopher Hull, Ph.D., told One America News that Yavanovitch was a typical Obama-era diplomat: A hard-core radical Left-wing bitch who actually violated a 1961 treaty that prohibits American diplomats from cultural interference in a foreign country.

This comes as government watchdog Judicial Watch found earlier this week that Yavanovitch allegedly ordered the monitoring of journalists and people with close ties to President Trump — you know, just like Obama did via Spygate.

This bitch was recently called to provide secret ‘testimony’ on behalf of House Democrats who are attempting to frame Trump with threatening to withhold military aid from Ukraine if the government didn’t give him “dirt” on the Bidens.

Ukraine has emerged as ground zero for Garbage Party political interference and corruption during the Obama nightmare and the 2016 election cycle.

The DNC, Bitch Hillary, Fucktard Obama, and scores of deep state assholes essentially treated the Eastern European country like a red-headed stepchild, alternatively threatening to defund a billion dollars in loan guarantees (what would be former VP Joe Biden) to pressing the Ukrainian government for “dirt” on Trump campaign officials (that would be Bitch Hillary’s campaign).

Hull says that Yavanovitch was just another Obama pimple on Ukraine’s ass. And he adds that the Ukrainians wanted her gone, gone, gone long before Trump recalled her.

But only OANN will report it.


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