(TNS) If you’re black in America, the Garbage Party just assumes that it has your support, no matter how badly you’ve treated by them over the decades or how little the party has actually done on your behalf.

But if you happen to be black and stray from the Democrat Plantation, you are instantly seized upon as some sort of traitor — not just to the Garbage Party but to your race.

It’s the ultimate insult: Democrats are literally telling black Americans a) they aren’t smart enough to make their own decisions; and b) they’re not wise enough to understand what they are seeing with their own eyes.

We won’t pretend that President Trump and Republicans are suddenly going to receive the lion’s share of the black vote next year. But what we do know is that the number of black Americans who support the president and his party are growing.

And the Democrats can’t fucking stand that.

Never mind that the Garbage Party has killed millions of black babies by pushing abortion; destroyed inner cities populated mostly by blacks; hooked generations of black Americans on public assistance; and denied black Americans the opportunities the very same opportunities white Democrats have been given.

One black conservative and Trump supporter, Teisha Powell, author of the book, “Trump Must Win,” sat down with One America News to discuss the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party and their bullshit social justice warriors — like that foreign policy genius LeBron James, who prostitutes himself out to the Communist Chinese because it lines his pockets.

She has seen how Trump’s economic and domestic policies have opened doors for blacks (and all Americans), especially when it comes to record low unemployment for minorities.

She says she’s been targeted by Left-wing Democrat-supporting fucktards who have actually called her “racist” for supporting Trump (who isn’t a racist, by the way).

What she says is enlightening.


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