Terrence K. Williams blasts Pelosi: ‘Don’t you point your finger at the president!’ (Video)

(TNS) Comedian Terrence K. Williams is a funny guy, but sometimes comedy needs to be shelved for a spell in order to make a serious point.

Such as reminding that crazy bitch Nancy Pelosi she has no fucking right to stand in front of President Trump and point a finger at him like she’s boss or some shit like that.

Because she ain’t.

As we reported earlier, the House Speaker staged an outrage moment during a Cabinet meeting with the president, senior military advisers, and Democratic and Republican leaders over Syria and national security strategy going forward.

The exchange was conveniently caught on camera.

We remember when then-Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, a Republican, pointed a finger at Obama when he landed at the airport in Phoenix in 2012. Brewer was pissed off because the Obama administration sued her state over a law that mirrored federal immigration statutes requiring state officials to target illegal aliens for deportation.

The dogshit media was all aghast that this white woman would dare “disrespect” the god-king. How dare she??

But of course, when Bitch Nancy does it to Trump, all we hear from the same media is crickets.

Well, Terrence isn’t having any of that bullshit. He lays some smackdown on Pelosi and says what we’re all thinking: Sit your ass down and get your fucking finger out of our president’s face.

This president is treated so much differently — that is, so much worse — than any president before him, in the modern era or from 100 years ago.

And the Garbage Party are among the worst offenders.


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everything right on except for one comment. The president is NOT her boss. Separation of powers comes into play here.


Disposable Nancy. Won’t be long now before she is on the trash heap of history followed by her shameful party hacks. The demise of her party is now rapidly sinking to total destruction and hopefully never to be seen again.

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