(TNS) As the pathetic Washington media continues to pile on President Trump for keeping a campaign promise and getting American troops the fuck out of one of the many shitholes they’ve been forced into over the past decade, it becomes necessary to remind everyone who’s fault Syria really is.

That would be Barack Hussein Obama.

Hundreds of thousands of people died in Syria on Barack Obama’s watch. Where the fuck was the media outrage then?

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) has it exactly right:

The fucking Middle East has been a cauldron of shit for millennia, dating back to Biblical times. The notion that keeping American troops in Syria — which is what the warmonger WaPo and the rest of the dogshit media are carping for — is stupidity on steroids.

We don’t owe those fucktard Kurds a single drop of American blood or a single cent of American treasure. If anyone inside the beltway is pissed off, they should be angry at Obama for getting us in Syria in the first place.

Maybe those ‘heroes’ at the Washington Post should gear up, grab some weapons and head on over to help them Kurds out. Let’s see how many of those hypocrite asswipes line up for that duty.

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